We are a young but experienced company, and specialize in providing food and drinks for any event. At Spicedge, we cater to small functions as well as Weddings, Corporate Functions, Product Launches, Private celebrations and we also prepare customized catering, such as providing delicious homemade food to companies in their in-house canteen. Apart from this, we also cater to companies during their Annual General Meetings, Seminars, Board Meetings, In-house Training Sessions, End-of-Year Parties, etc.


We studied the business and we had to ensure we kept the Healthy Indulgience brand of the business by ensuring all attentions is paid to all details from products pictures, descriptions, all the graphical look and feel, etc.
The ecommerce section of the website will allow customers to shop online easily by shopping for a pack and getting 2 free from the website.

The blog part is so awesome which allows the ability to share latest posts to all social media.

Google my business is also present on www.spicedge.com which makes it easy for customers to locate their office, call the contact number and explore more.

Spicedge Project is one of our outstanding website projects and we are so proud to be the brain behind this awesome company.